Thursday, March 20, 2014

.024 S A L U T E

The weather is finally warming up and it felt right to break out one of my many lighter jackets. Today marks the first day of spring. The sun is shining a little more and the snow is turning into ankle-deep puddles on the sidewalk. I cannot wait to break out my summer clothes, but for now, I will bask in the fact that it is warmer than forty degrees (Fahrenheit). 

Sunglasses, Skirt, & Shirt: Forever21
Jacket: Ragstock
Tights and Rings: H&M
Shoes: Urban Outfitters

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


As always, fashion week brings on a slew of new trends. Sometimes all of the trends seem to come from a common source and other times it feels like designers are all over the place with their muse. This time around, it seems as though the latter is coming into play. Designers are fetching inspiration from a myriad of decades, icons, and "moods". Just when I thought fall trends were leaning one way, I find that another top designer is causing trends to lean the other way. I have spent my little two week hiatus mulling over what this season has brought us and needless to say, I am still juggling around with all the different proposed trends.

I decided to take on the daunting (but all too fun) task of creating outfits inspired by some of the biggest shows of this season.

( Photos from Saint Laurent FW RTW - Fashionista )
Hedi Slimane (praise be) went with an overtly mod-inspired collection this season. Boots with sparkles, mini skirts, and high collars permeated this fashion show. What was refreshing about Slimane's vision was that what he sent down the runway was statement-making without breaching into the avant-garde. Each item of clothing stands out well on its own and it is easy to envision oneself wearing a piece of this collection. While the collection is far from being in-your-face, the collection remains both memorable and inspirational. 

the sidewinder

( Photos from Gucci FW RTW - Fashionista)
Gucci's RTW collection featured a muted pastel color palette with powerful silhouettes that felt reminiscent of American Hustle with its fur coats and aviator glasses. I love the monochromatic ensembles, some even matching down to the accessories. Perhaps mod is the undertone of this season, as Gucci has taken on the knee-high go-go boots and the mini skirt. 

( Photos from Miu Miu FW RTW - Fashionista )
Miu Miu truly stood out at Paris Fashion Week. From quilted sets to see-through raincoats, the Miu Miu collection did what it always did - it blew the crowd away with innovative designs and a childish charm. This collection played with a countless number colors ranging from primary colors to Pantone's bold orchid. The color-blocking felt reminiscent of other fashion shows, further establishing a trend that breaks away from the darker jewel-toned palette of last year. Once again, we see high boots and short skirts. Perhaps I was sweating a little too much while trying to find similarities in this season's shows. Even by reviewing three seemingly different shows, I have showed myself that there is always an undercurrent in every fashion season.

inspired by miu miu rtw 14