Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Now that I've worked and had my relaxation, it is time to continue to blog. (Because blogging is such hard work, I know.) Before I start in on my insightful look at something nineties, I wanted to say happy holidays to anyone that reads this! My Christmas morning was pretty spectacular. I got a tiger kigu (#fashion), a new black purse, off-white high top Converse, a few vinyl, and enough candy to earn myself a night of sugary regret. I might need to do another haul video, as I foresee a shopping trip at Topshop in the near future. Winter is my favorite season to dress for. Layers are my best friend.

So rather than reporting on a trend, a former trend, or a nineties fashion inspiration, I wanted to show a collage of sorts of items, that I'd like to own, that are unmistakably nineties. I tried to venture outside of my usual comfort zone as I was looking for items. I typically stick to blacks and neutrals, so you can only imagine how much I struggle when investing in any sort of boldly colored dress, slacks, or shoes.

Okay, so maybe I did not go too far outside of my comfort zone. Still, I channeled my Jawbreaker, Clarissa Explains it All, and Babysitter's Club vibes to the best of my ability. As you can see, all items (excluding the tattoo choker, I believe you can find one on Etsy) can be found at Topshop. Who knows? Maybe I'll search for these items the next time I drag myself and my poor wallet into this danger zone of a store. We will have to see in my next haul video. Until then, enjoy the holiday festivities!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Hello, hello. I finally have the day off and instead of taking in the sun and fresh winter air, I decided to stay inside with a warm blanket and my companion laptop. My feet are tired but my thirst for internet knowledge is real. I spent the better half of my morning time on my usual sites, checking to see the latest in all things fashion and whatever else I had missed in the pop culture news this past week. Those who religiously follow fashion just as I do probably already know that pre-fall 2014 looks are being revealed on the daily.

I am absolutely in love with the House of Holland's pre-fall 2014 collection. The colors, textures, and patterns are enough to make me reconsider the direction of my current wardrobe. Mulberry's fall 2014 sneak preview is another favorite. The boxy silhouettes and tailored jackets give a fresh look to the current menswear trend. The Band of Outsiders pre-fall 2014 collection also had me awkwardly bouncing about in my bed. I am super jazzed that tartan is still finding its way into designer's collections. Band of Outsiders (tried to go with BOO to keep things short and sweet - failed) blends prep and punk perfectly and I feel like my pseudo-1970s-school-girl trend can live on. (Look number 9 kills me.) Thank god for that, am I right? Something about this fall screams early 2000s (perhaps it is the color palette and the return of the wild west thanks to Chanel). We can only hope "Don't Tell Me" by Madonna returns to the airwaves and maybe, just maybe, we will even hear a bit of "SeƱorita" by JT (not western but whatever). The possibilities of feeling like it is fifth grade again are endless.

Rewinding time a bit and thinking about warm weather and college graduation, I wanted to bring up the excitement that is the new Marc by Marc Jacobs spring campaign. No joke, I saw an article on Fashionista about the launch of the campaign and was instantly inspired to post about it.

(Source: Fashionista

The satin. The shine. The promise of a millennium. I am in love. 

(Source: Fashionista

The blue eye makeup. Those looks that say "So what? Who cares? It's just fashion." Once again, I want to be a Marc Jacobs girl and while my wallet cries out in protest, I may need to find a way to get my hands on a piece of this spring collection. (Or, you know, find a way to emulate it.)

Monday, December 16, 2013


It is over. My final fall over. I write this now and flinch a little in the fear that I have another assignment to complete. Fear not, I must tell myself. It is over. The last week was spent busing to work, closing late (we are talking two a.m.), and struggling to write thirty pages of what I deemed my own personal hell. Like many college students, I labored over coffee and a bright computer screen, wearing outfits that I would certainly call "not my best." When cold weather strikes and when time is not on your side, it is hard to to put care into your ensemble choices. Thankfully I had my job to keep me in check, as I take looking presentable at work very seriously.

My best advice when trying to look ~phresh~ during finals is to remember shoes and accessories. Trust me, if you focus on what shoes you are wearing and add a pair of earrings and a watch (or whatever you want, as long as it is not full of studs - I am over the studs) to your outfit, things will look more thought out than you intended. Last Friday I wore a skirt, tights, oxfords, sparkly thigh highs, and a gold watch to match. To me, the outfit was lazy and far from being planned out. At work, many asked how on earth I found time to look so put together. I was shocked and obviously flattered that they thought my lazy attempt to look presentable was actually a noble attempt to look...good. Even as I woke up late today I managed to put on my nicer boots as opposed to my hiking boots. I also threw on a leather jacket under my winter coat to edge things up. And honestly, I think I look like dying_girl79 but, once again, I could be wrong.

Okay, this is a really lazy post. I apologize and promise that I will update more now that finals is over.

There is a silver lining to all this finals bullshit though. I made some purchases!

Gonna look PhRe$h 2 dEaTh (typing with the irony of 1,000 bloggers right there).

Friday, December 6, 2013


Before I start talking about the newest fashion trend, I want to give a shout out to those dealing with this insufferable winter cold. It is -3 degrees Fahrenheit and not even my warmest of winter goodies can keep me warm. Truly a tragedy. Honestly, I wonder what kept me in Minneapolis in the first place because the weather could not have possibly been it. I have on my American Apparel infinity scarf, my camel Carhartt hat, the infamous Anthropologie faux fur coat, a Banana Republic wool sweater, and some warm hiking boots I snagged from my local Goodwill. I would take an OOTD but my face is disgustingly dry and red and my eyes demand more sleep. Needless to say, I look a mess this morning. Goddamn you, Minnesota.

Looking forward to Spring and getting out of this Freeze Miser hell, I woke up this morning and caught a trend report on Fashionista about the latest SS14 trend: orchid. Whispers in the fashion wind (a thing, I guess) spoke of such a trend and as for how exactly such a color would look, I did not know. Drum roll please...

Bam and boom goes the dynamite (ah, yes, my humor never left 2005). Here is Pantone's color of the year, a color a plebeian such as myself would have called lilac.

Fashionista did an excellent little Polyvore-esque photo displaying how exactly the color looks on clothing and makeup. Honestly? I am hardly one for color, especially in shades of purple or pink. My life tends to lean towards black or darker shades of clothing. In fact, I am actually selling a sweater in this exact color. 

Okay, I might even want to try a little of this shade on my eyelids. The color reminds me of a spaghetti strap tank I had in second grade (back when I lived in a world of vibrancy as opposed to a world of cynical darkness). The tank top had a bit of that Millennium sheen and there was a 99% chance the top was better suited for a prom dance floor.

If I happen upon this color in Sephora or MAC, I will update you all on my experience. Knowing my complexion, this could fail horribly (so about being a cynic...). I might even be daring enough to try the shade on my lips. Who knows?

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


DKNY, Kenzo, Acne, Stussy, Versace, Alexander Wang, the list goes on . What do these seemingly unrelated brands have in common? All are hopping on board the logo trend and frankly, I am in love.

If you followed the ss14 fashion shows, the logo trend is probably already on your radar. Designers from all ends of the fashion spectrum took a sip of the logo kool-aid and the results are top drawer. Already knock-offs from around the world are hitting the eBay markets and Forever 21 is already on the ball, snagging designs and less-than-shamelessly recreating the runway looks.

Left: Forever 21's "Fashionista Advisory Explicit Style" and Right: Alexander Wang's trend setting sweater.

My personal favorite to come out onto the scene is the Kenzo tiger sweater. Already a favorite with off-duty models and style bloggers, the sweater is statement making and blends together the logo trend and the animal-on-sweater trend (honestly, that is the best name I can give it) that has been circulating the style must haves for the past few years. I hope to get my hands on one of these sweaters, ideally in the maroon color

I see this as a trend worth committing a few dollars to. I love my Stussy sweatshirt and hope to add a few more sweaters in the mix. Hopefully my efforts will not go towards a lost cause, but considering the economy and the irresistible pleasure in having people know who you are wearing, I imagine this trend will stick around.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I finally have my tripod and I am oh-so-excited. The trusty, foldable companion proved a million times more helpful than my webcam as I remembered the power of flash and a bit of distance between myself and the camera. Every time I start to photograph myself, I find it necessary to put on a soundtrack. Turns out, the soundtrack to my half hour of vanity would be Japandroid's Celebration Rock, an album that I highly recommend to those that enjoy a bit of the ol' rock and roll sounds. I actually am in no way an expert in music, so genre-wise, I am going to say they fall under the rock category. ANYHOW, I happened to channel a bit of that rock 'tude during my photo shoot of sorts. As I have said before, I am a huge fan of taking on a persona in my clothing. I see fashion as an opportunity to explore oneself. And hell, I have always wanted to be a little tougher than I look.
Jacket: Silence & Noise, Urban Outfitters 
Striped Crop Top: H&M
Seam High Waisted Jeans: BDG, Urban Outfitters
Rings: Forever 21; Local Thrift Store
Lipstick: Sephora Brand