Thursday, April 10, 2014


With Coachella starting tomorrow and other festival lineups being announced, the fashion world in all respects (celebrities, companies, designers, etc.) is buzzing with the term "festival-ready". Fashion retailers are creating festival look books in preparation for the slew of customers ready to create (and imitate) festival-ready trends. Some trend reports are saying that large floral print is the next big thing while others are placing an emphasis on peasant tops and prairie style dresses, but in the end, does not all festival clothing have the same aesthetic? There is always an emphasis to go bohemian. Whether that means big hats, fringe-lined crop tops, wide pants or a maxi skirt, is up to you. To me, the festival look is a predictable one and the predictability of it all almost makes a festival seem like a costume event (do not even get me started on girls that cultural appropriate items such as Native American headdresses or the, even more misunderstood, bindis). This leaves me to ask: Where are the game changers and how does one change the game?

(Source - Evelina Galli, photo from Coachella 2013, a not-so-distant past.)

I would like to start by saying this is not an "us versus them" argument. I am certainly not a special snowflake and given the disposable income, I would also find myself heading to Coachella in a large hat paired with tall gladiator sandals. I am not some higher fashion power, I am merely looking to be an agent of change. Plus, is not fashion all about cycles? There are always new trends to anticipate and I am wanting to start to make speculations. We cannot have girls in knitted kimonos and tie-dye shirts forever...right? 


Going to Bonnaroo, Pitchfork, Lolla, Outside Lands, anything else that will make me violently ill with jealousy? Well here is a guide to what to wear so you stand out without looking like you are trying too hard. Or something like that.

Trade-in your short shorts for a pair of culottes that are not only comfortable, but chic. 

(Cutlottes: Topshop - $64.00)

Swap out the tribal print for a 70s-inspired striped crew-neck.

(Shirt: Urban Outfitters - $18)

Ditch the traditional gladiator sandal and throw on a pair of heeled jellies.

(Sandals: ASOS - $52.68)

Rather than step out in a predictable maxi, try a mid-length dress that hugs at the knees.

(Dress: Zara - $119)

Alright, I still like big hats, but straw hats..that is a little new, right?

(Hat: Urban Outfitters - $34)

Just one of the many ways you can put these tips to use:

f e s t i v a l

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Normcore. 70s boho. 90s grunge. 60s schoolgirl. What does this all mean? So much inspiration, so little time (cough, and money). Summer is a time where I usually start off motivated. My wishlist is usually spewing with a myriad of shorts, skirts, crop tops, sunglasses, and sandals. I know I want to be music festival ready, but practical. I want to stand out, but not invest too much in a certain look. All of this is fine and dandy, but if you all know anything about the Midwest, the weather is particularly muggy, usually jumping into the nineties causing a wonderful choking sensation that makes one grasp for any sort of air movement. When the temperatures rise, my motivation to be fashion forward plummets. I would rather just put on a crop top and high-waisted shorts, a look that is less-inspired than, say, a flowing skirt, gladiator sandals, a cropped tank, and perhaps a few bohemian accessories like a large sun hat or a pair of rounded sunglasses.

I need to find some way to have my desire to dress well trump my want to be pathetically lazy. Perhaps I need to make a more realistic list of clothing - something including items that are within my budget, worth the investment, and not too high on the "trendy" scale. If there is anything I know about myself, it is that I tend to buy one or two (pricier) items that I think I will wear (For example, last spring I purchased this kitschy, ice-cream-design sundress with a low back. I wore it once and hated every minute in it.). My close friend repeatedly tells me to avoid buying what I think I will wear and instead opt for something I am enamored with. I know the logic sounds simple enough, but as an impulse buyer, I tend to misjudge my gut.

This all leads me to the point of this article. I am going to show you my well thought out list of items I think are perfect for this summer in a sort of "lookbook" fashion. I hope that what I want inspires you to make a list of your own (Perhaps incorporating a few of my choices, as I hope that I have some authority in advice-giving.)!

(Shoes: Zara - $59.90)
(Jacket: Urban Outfitters - $69.00)

(Pants: Topshop - $80.00)

(Dungarees: Topshop - $76.00)

(Sunglasses: ASOS - $47.04)

(Top: Nasty Gal - $48.00)


(Dress: Nasty Gal - $68.00)

(Shoes: Topshop - $64.00)

(Socks: American Apparel - $12.00)