Thursday, April 3, 2014


Normcore. 70s boho. 90s grunge. 60s schoolgirl. What does this all mean? So much inspiration, so little time (cough, and money). Summer is a time where I usually start off motivated. My wishlist is usually spewing with a myriad of shorts, skirts, crop tops, sunglasses, and sandals. I know I want to be music festival ready, but practical. I want to stand out, but not invest too much in a certain look. All of this is fine and dandy, but if you all know anything about the Midwest, the weather is particularly muggy, usually jumping into the nineties causing a wonderful choking sensation that makes one grasp for any sort of air movement. When the temperatures rise, my motivation to be fashion forward plummets. I would rather just put on a crop top and high-waisted shorts, a look that is less-inspired than, say, a flowing skirt, gladiator sandals, a cropped tank, and perhaps a few bohemian accessories like a large sun hat or a pair of rounded sunglasses.

I need to find some way to have my desire to dress well trump my want to be pathetically lazy. Perhaps I need to make a more realistic list of clothing - something including items that are within my budget, worth the investment, and not too high on the "trendy" scale. If there is anything I know about myself, it is that I tend to buy one or two (pricier) items that I think I will wear (For example, last spring I purchased this kitschy, ice-cream-design sundress with a low back. I wore it once and hated every minute in it.). My close friend repeatedly tells me to avoid buying what I think I will wear and instead opt for something I am enamored with. I know the logic sounds simple enough, but as an impulse buyer, I tend to misjudge my gut.

This all leads me to the point of this article. I am going to show you my well thought out list of items I think are perfect for this summer in a sort of "lookbook" fashion. I hope that what I want inspires you to make a list of your own (Perhaps incorporating a few of my choices, as I hope that I have some authority in advice-giving.)!

(Shoes: Zara - $59.90)
(Jacket: Urban Outfitters - $69.00)

(Pants: Topshop - $80.00)

(Dungarees: Topshop - $76.00)

(Sunglasses: ASOS - $47.04)

(Top: Nasty Gal - $48.00)


(Dress: Nasty Gal - $68.00)

(Shoes: Topshop - $64.00)

(Socks: American Apparel - $12.00)

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