Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Working retail makes for a lot of time to space out as loud music blares in the background and as customers destroy perfectly folded piles of clothing. More often than not, I think about the million ways I can off myself but when I am not lost in the despair of my mediocre way of living, I am thinking of how someday this will all pay off and how I will become a style advisor to the stars - or something like that. 

So this past week I have been cooking up ways to help people establish their personal style. The first step is to admit that style comes naturally for some and that the rest need a little guidance. If this were not the case, then I would be out of a future career. Accept this first step and you are good to go.

I thought, in lieu of recent events (a story for another time), I should dedicate my next posts to creating a guide to style. This will not be a guide to trends. As Ralph Lauren says, "Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever." Rather, this will be a step-by-step process on how to create and shape your own personal style. Think of this as a foundation. Eventually, I will release you like a bird to the wind, or some other terrible analogy that involves setting you free into the world with a better sense of self and personal style.


Want to find your personal style? Want to revamp or change your personal style? Alright, let's do this. 

FIRST we will start by figuring out what you consider to be your staples. Think: You are planning out a week of outfits, what are you most likely to wear? 
  • Pants: trousers, jeans, harem pants, etc.
  • Skirts
  • Dresses
  • Sneakers
  • Heels
  • Etc.
Do not worry about specific style-influences just yet. The most important thing is to know what you are most comfortable in. Yes, reaching out of your comfort zone is fine and dandy, but it is always good to know what feels like a second skin. As an example, I will list my basics. As a heads up: I will also get into specific cuts, shapes, etc. 

My Staples
  • Harem pants, jeans.
    • Harem includes any drop-crotch sweatpants for the sake of simplicity.
    • I need my jeans to be high-waisted. I have a short torso and the high cut gives me more of a waist. I also know that I like higher-waisted boyfriend jeans. No flares or bootcuts.
  • Mini-length straight skirts. 
    • I know I cannot pull off a-line. I have tried and failed on numerous occasions. 
    • Maxi skirts are cute but do not suit my personal look.
    • I need a skirt that hugs me, though, "school girl"skirts (only pleated) are an exception.
  • T-shirt dresses, shift dress.
    • Too short for maxi. 
    • Baby doll is not for me - nothing empire.
    • No drop-waist.
    • Essential rule: if it looks like a potato sack, it works for me.
  • Button-ups, t-shirts, loose tanks, crop tops
    • Tops are easier for me. 
    • Preferably not fitted and longer (if not cropped).
    • Nothing with cinched sleeves or v-necks.
    • No halters.
  • Jackets. Jean, leather, cotton blazers.
    • Nothing cropped.
    • Jackets are a must have for me. I am most flexible in this category.
  • Sneakers, Dr. Martens, platforms, chelsea boots.
    • I cannot wear heels. Every time I buy heels I wear them twice then resell them.
    • *I can wear platforms or flatforms.
  • Accessories:
    • Minimal accessories. No statement necklaces, bracelets or rings.
    • Watches.
    • Beanies.
    • No large hats, headbands, or large clips.
I mainly thought of what I have worn over time, what I feel comfortable wearing, and what I know looks good on me. This does not mean that I do not try on a baby doll dress every once in awhile or that I do not want to purchase a pair of non-platform heels, this is just the basic skeleton of what I am known for wearing. 

Your homework is to list out your basics and trust me, it does not need to be this detailed. I would even recommend writing out a list of items you want to put in your basics that still need to be tested out. After this is done, we will move on to basic style types. Until then, good luck!

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