Friday, November 22, 2013


It is sixteen degrees Fahrenheit outside and eight a.m. I am tired and the biting winter chill only makes me want my bed more. Despite wanting to move as far away from the oncoming Minnesotan winter as possible, I am happy to have a little slice of early morning time to write a thoughtful blog post.

I introduced this blog stating that I draw inspiration from a variety of different sources. Fashion icons, film, music, things found hanging in a museum, time periods, etc. Whenever I come across a form of media I evaluate it and store what I can in my brain for a style opportunity later. Each day is an opportunity to express myself, so why not show a little of what I like?

Recently, I found myself whiny and tired, wanting to get lost in a film. With a cup of hot cocoa in hand, I decided I was going to watch more of Jean-Luc Godard, an auteur of the French New Wave. I landed on Une Femme est une Femme (A Woman is a Woman) starring Anna Karina, a personal style icon. From about thirty minutes into the film, I knew I was enamored with it. The unconventional sense of humor, the destruction of the fourth wall, and the lively, almost show-tune-esque soundtrack - all of which made for a memorable film.

Now, I will not be attempting to sport bangs again (after numerous attempts in 2010, 2011, and 2012, I think my dreams of achieving that Alexa Chung look are forever lost) but nothing can stop me from wanting to throw on winged eyeliner and a bit of fur to recreate the Anna Karina look.

My personal favorite outfit from the film was Angela's (Anna Karina's) pinstripe midi skirt with a quintessential red sweater. And while colored opaque tights make me think of a younger me in 2008, I can appreciate Angela's matching red tights and I may rethink my colored opaque tights aversion. My collection of midi skirts is less than impressive. I have one floral midi that flows rather than hugs and I have a plum midi from American Apparel that I find difficult to match. Perhaps I will need to hunt for a proper sweater to throw over it. Is black too obvious of an answer? Or should I dare to pair red with plum? Or a forest green?

Sure enough, Alexa Chung is already on this trend.

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