Thursday, February 20, 2014


As of late, I have been placing much of my attention on the trends being featured on the runway (a little bit inevitable, as it has been NYFW and LFW). I have been absolutely blown away by the designs that are showing up this season. The creativity of color, fabrics, silhouettes and concepts is mesmerizing. I hope to some time soon critically analyze a runway show in its entirety, but for this post I would like to focus on the other half of what goes down during NYFW and LFW: the street style.

Designers, bloggers, celebrities and their friends manage to make an appearance always looking fly and ready to claim the title of fashion killer. To keep things relatively short, I will focus on London Fashion Week. Below are some of my favorite looks, but first, a bit of an introduction:

Overall, I noticed that bold colors (particularly being featured on massive jackets) dominated the streets. Alongside the pop of color, came the darker neutrals of the tomboyish, sports luxe trend that is here to stay (THANK GOD). Beanies, over-sized coats, childish accessories - all of which contribute to a strange "structural grunge". This is not your average "slap some things together and look like a street urchin" look. Rather, these looks feature carefully constructed pieces worn loose as if to say "I care...but I actually do not care." (Or maybe they actually care. Who knows. They are at fashion week, so my guess is, they probably care.) Sneakers are worn but they are kept clean. Beanies dress down the "1985 power woman" silhouette of the slacks and wool coat. Bright backpacks and see-through handbags make outfits more relaxed. What I see is a clash of generations. Everyone wants a little bit of both: the grunge of the '90s and the structural edge of the '80s. The effect is just what I have been looking for.

(Maddy Killick and Magdalena Wieclaw - Fashionista)

(Victoria Tonengren - Metro)



(Vogue - Chloe Norgaard again!)

(Vogue - the beautiful Sung Hee Kim)


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