Monday, February 10, 2014


The obvious answer to this question is because it is indeed late winter in the northern hemisphere, but you more than likely are not a smart ass and understand that my current distress is due to all the glory that is NYFW. The last two weeks have kept me pretty busy. I have been applying for a third job (it is hard out here for a financially independent college student; good news, i got the job!), working out a new schedule for classes, and attempting to get back in shape. I spent the pocket of free time I had this weekend to update myself on NYFW and let me tell ya, I am thankful I got that third job for more reasons than the fact that my rent can now be paid for. The collections are awe-inspiring and all I want to do now is buy myself outfits to prepare for this coming fall. Admittedly, I am not one for summer apparel. High-waisted shorts and a tucked in shirt are usually enough for me. I prefer to save my money for clothing better suited for cooler temperatures. Anyways, I digress. Onward to one of my new favorite collections!

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If you do not know by now, I would literally give my soul to the devil (or even a minor demon, I am desperate) to work for Opening Ceremony. Their daily tweets and new collections give me life. Here we see Pantone's color of 2013, emerald, taking residency as well as the coveted navy that I wrote about a few weeks prior to this post. Knee high boots remind me of a dark period in my young life when I wore exclusively Forever 21 and thought knee high boots worked with any outfit. 2007 was a dark time, my friends. I will skirt around the knee high boot trend and hone in on the long coats that I prayed would still show up on the runway. I live for coats and to see the familiar, heavy, long coats of last fall still on the runway leaves me feeling reassured and ready to stock up come after-season sales.

(Photo credit: - I want to die.)

( - I usually loathe asymmetrical but wow WOW.)

( - Tears. Actual tears.)

( - This reminds me of Ashley Williams and I am sweating.)

( - This collection hurts.)

As you can tell, I have a lot of emotions when it comes to trying to come to terms with this collection. I wish I could transport myself into a time where I have enough money to wear all of these pieces. To check out more of this collection and a more professional review that is not full of young adult tears, scope out this article on

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