Monday, October 7, 2013


A friend approached me the other day and asked why I haven't started writing a fashion blog. There had been talk from me about being in favor of the idea, but never anything serious. To be fair, my friend knew I had an interest in fashion and an interest in social media. To her, the idea was worthwhile. The entire time I laughed it off. Said I didn't have time and gestured to my outfit. I was wearing a knit cap, an infinity scarf, and a large sweater, completely unassuming while I held my corporate five dollar coffee. I didn't have the designer labels or the expensive camera. Excuse after excuse, all the same from the other times I have considered the idea of starting a blog. She told me to sit on the idea. So I did, and here I am.

I start fresh. Not wanting to take on to much, yet, wanting to tell all. I draw fashion inspiration from everywhere. From characters in books to a scene in a movie. I hear songs and imagine the perfect outfit I would wear as I dance along. My mind is constantly grabbing up inspiration, whether it completely unique or pathetically dull. I never want to seem unoriginal, but I also keep in mind to adhere to "fashion rules" and it's hard not to consume the trends spewing from fashion week. Keeping up with trends has always been hard for me. I grew up working class, but there is no shame in this. Instead, I took time to craft a personal style and allowed trends to sparingly fall into my wardrobe. I like to blend the old with the new, the stylish with the trendy. Everyday I wake up and think, "what version of me will I be today?" Fashion to me is an expression of myself and all of my hidden personas that want their turn to shine. I am full of hideous clich├ęs, but what else do I have?

If you're reading this and wondering why in the world I'm worth following, well, I can give you my mission statement that might be more or less convincing:

I hope to offer my personal style as well as my opinions on trends, designers, and other various forms of social media.

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