Wednesday, October 23, 2013


As a senior in college, it is hard to keep up with a blog, so I do apologize for the two week hiatus. With that being said, I want to address that I did mean to post, trust me! I've been mulling over what to talk about when it comes to the reoccurring "nineties wednesday" theme. After an impulse purchase last Sunday, I had my topic.*

Ah yes, Anthropologie. The mother store to Urban Outfitters. The goddess of expensive bohemia. A store I usually bypass for the sake of my wallet. Well, my self control was shattered and I made the purchase. All it took was putting the coat on and looking in the mirror. I could see it then. A black slip, sheer black tights, and black heels or booties. Possibly a floppy black hat and long gold chains. Oh wait, someone else did this. Ahh, Courtney Love. So I wasn't that original. Whatever.

Yeah. She pulled this off first.

She knows this.

This sort of street style celebrity chic isn't necessarily anything new, but hey, with a nineties twist it is a bit refreshing. And who doesn't want a bit of faux fur dressed down with some silk and lace? Classy and risque, who would have thought? (Plenty of people, but roll with me here.) 

Gotta love the strings for straps.

I'd like to argue that faux fur is timeless. Sure, it phases in and out, but it's always there somewhere. Whether it is rockstar couture or that old woman you talk to on the train, there is something to love about the overwhelming warmth of synthetic fur. 

*Pictures in the coat soon to come!

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