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Flannels, ripped jeans, Elaine Benes, Britney Spears, The Baby-Sitters Club - you get the point. Nineties fashion and culture has been on repeat for the last three years in both the fashion world and in underground fashion movements that more-or-less stemmed from the Internet. Crop tops and a late 1990s inspired minimalism are featured on the runway, still fresh and popular. The idea that the nineties is influencing fashion is apparent as trends trickle down into chain stores cough Forever 21. One look at the store window and you’re assaulted by a display of crop tops, plaid, and sportswear. This is not to say that this clothing is not “fashionable”, but the creativity is slowly lacking.

Starting around 2011, Internet-based movements like “sea punk” and “grunge” appropriated nineties icons with a certain flare of irony and nostalgia. Jeremy Scott’s Bart Simpson knitwear, worshipping Kurt Cobain, remembering the software designs of Windows ‘98, rewatching King of the Hill; reaching for inspiration in an era where most feel popular media icons are lacking. Nineties culture is idolized as a better time - a time when the millenium was the next big thing and when the Internet was a new world. But now that we’re what? The trend has not faded and, in fact, companies such as Urban Outfitters and Nasty Gal have profited from the Internet phenomenon.  

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In the cyclical world that is fashion, there is already a tackiness assigned to these internet-based trends. The Internet, namely Tumblr and Instagram, has only accelerated these “oh-so-nineties” looks and after being recycled x-amount of times, the alien backpacks and the pastel on black becomes...tired. I will reluctantly admit to tapping into my inner-sea punk pastel goth phase. Summer 2011 was a dark time, my good friends. I realized quickly that investing my mind, body and soul into this trend was a waste of time and money (the little money I had, let’s be real). And in a way, it would have been a waste because it is a trend for a reason.

~*~pastel princess~*~

After exploring the dark path of edginess, I wanted to remain in the nineties for the nostalgia still was not ready to leave my closet. There was also that ever-present want to stay true to my personal style. To abandon myself for a trend seemed...wrong, so I decided to explore other nineties icons and fashion movements. The cast of Friends, Elaine Benes, and the pop stars of the late nineties - I’m looking at you and your cropped turtlenecks, Britney Spears. Platform mules, that shiny sheer nonsense, and Missy Elliott inspired quilted coats - I want to see more of this. Much to my pleasure, latest runway trends seem to be guiding towards the lesser known nineties fashions. Grunge is getting glammed up and holographic clothing is being recognized for its greatness, even if my friends aren’t ready for my backstreet's back purple shine.

tanks over tees are making a comeback

sometimes i run, sometimes i HiiiDe

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