Sunday, January 12, 2014


Some people dream of a big house, a flashy sports car, or an all-expense paid vacation to a remote island. I tend to go a Rihanna-level with my dreams and when asked what I want most in this world, I am going to answer with: an apartment for my clothes in New York. Ok, maybe not that specific and ~fancy~ but hell, I am constantly wishing to expand my wardrobe and at this rate, I have more than enough clothes to fill a small bedroom. With tastes ranging from thrifty to extravagant, it is not all that hard to build up my wardrobe. Knowing your own personal style helps a lot to keep a tame closet. If you know yourself well enough, you will know what trends suit you and you as time passes, you will eventually know what constitutes as a staple and what is better left hanging on the rack.

So as I look forward to warmer weather and new trends, I try to keep in mind that what is most important is what looks like me and what looks good on me. At this point I know I cannot wear ice skater skirts or dresses, baby doll anything, round toe flats, bermuda shorts, etc. (the list really is endless, let me tell you). Here I have a composed list of the items found on my wish list. They may or not suit your style, but I do hope they spark some interest and perhaps give you the creative energy to create your own personal wish list!

For the upcoming season I am looking forward to some boho 1970s vibes. I am thinking Ali Macgraw meets mid 2000s Sienna Miller. I picture careless vibes, soft colored pattern shirts paired with black, and unruly hair. I will be the hunt for a halter top along the lines of something similar to this. I do not imagine that halter tops will become a long lasting part of my wardrobe, so I am better off surfing my local thrift stores as opposed to shelling out real money for a few. Shown above: Kimchi Blue floral crop, Deena and Ozzy slingback mules, and BDG high waisted jeans in a classic wash. All can be found at Urban Outfitters (and the photos are clickable links!).

I am a bit of a minimalist when it comes to accessories. I have dabbled a bit in the layers of necklaces, bracelets, and rings, but it just does not suit my personal sense of style. In fact, I rarely wear anything on my wrists save for my watch. Rather, I prefer to wear rings, scarves, and hair accessories. Every once in awhile I will try out a statement necklace but for the most part, I keep things simple and a bit understated. Recently (as of yesterday, actually) I purchased the hat pictured above. Working at Urban Outfitters is a bit toxic to my wallet but after picking up and staring at the items for hours on end, it makes for more sound purchases. I have been staring at this hat for AGES and yesterday I finally caved and made my purchase. So far I have several outfits planned to wear with it, but I feel like I need a bit more to make the hat fit. I would love to have some midi rings (pictured above from Topshop) and a classic zipper pouch (thinkingaboutyou.mp3 @ the Comme des Garcons pouch). Once again, all links are clickable! 

I could probably write a novel-length's worth of wish list desires, but I figured a simple little peek into what I swoon over on sleepless nights would suffice. I will try to keep this updated, adding a few wish list posts here and there. Please follow me on blog luvin' (link on the right) if you enjoy my posts! 

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