Wednesday, January 8, 2014


The last two weeks have been full of on-and-off relaxation. Work has scheduled me less, so I have been spending a lot of time at home bumming around. My internship started this week and I had my first blog post on College Fashionista! Exciting stuff. I will link to my blog post once it has been edited by the College Fashionista staff. I am truly hoping that my writing is up to par, as I sort of just winged it Monday night. Since I have had all of this time off, I have been thinking quite about about what I wanted to write in my next blog post. Seeing that we have entered a new year (woo!), I thought it would be appropriate to talk about the trends of 2013 (and earlier) that I am more than ready to leave behind. The list may or may not include trends considered for this year, but here we go!

To start off, I will begin this post with (drum roll please) High/Low: My god. I have never hated a trend more than this one right here. Honestly? I purchased one high-low (or "mullet" dresses, tops, etc.) top. Wore it once. Regretted the purchase and resold it to a friend. 

I do not understand the appeal or why stores still insist on selling this "trend". Forever 21 and Macy's have entire categories dedicated to the trend on their websites. I swear, if I grab another dress that I like at Forever 21 (this being an overall rarity in itself) and pull it out to find that it is high-low...I might make a scene in the middle of the store.

Next we have Cutout: Now, a subtle cut out is still a-ok with me. A little triangle cut out in the back? I am still all game for that. But two on the shoulder, one in the middle, and another on the chest? I am calling it quits on this swiss cheese trend. 

I don't really have much else to say about this other than, "Please be gone."

Onward to Peplum! Ok, ok. Peplum I still do not mind all that much. Personally, I already sold my peplum items to a few friends last month. I only had one shirt and was not too upset to see it go. In my opinion, the silhouette is old news and, while peplum has done wonders for some people's body types, I think the trend should slowly see its way out. 

Lastly, Sheer. Sheer has been overdone and while I still aim to keep my one sheer button-up (great for summer and pairing with body con crop tops), I am blacklisting sheer from my shopping list. Like the other trends mentioned about, sheer has been overdone and to keep seeing it on the shelves causes my bitter heart to shrink a few sizes smaller. In fact, I would probably explode into a million tiny pieces if I saw an outfit that managed to combine all four of these trends. I highly doubt that this has not been done.

Now, all of these trends were introduced in the spring of 2012, but all four have thrived in 2013, a year I had hoped would bring these trends to their grave. I have hope for 2014. I am already ready to leave behind the logo sweatshirt trend of this past fall (shame I JUST posted about this a few weeks ago, oh how my interests change) while facing forward, looking ahead to more tartan plaid and mid-length pencil skirts. The pre-fall 2014 shows have been incredibly promising and I cannot wait to try a few of the trends myself!

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