Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Now that I've worked and had my relaxation, it is time to continue to blog. (Because blogging is such hard work, I know.) Before I start in on my insightful look at something nineties, I wanted to say happy holidays to anyone that reads this! My Christmas morning was pretty spectacular. I got a tiger kigu (#fashion), a new black purse, off-white high top Converse, a few vinyl, and enough candy to earn myself a night of sugary regret. I might need to do another haul video, as I foresee a shopping trip at Topshop in the near future. Winter is my favorite season to dress for. Layers are my best friend.

So rather than reporting on a trend, a former trend, or a nineties fashion inspiration, I wanted to show a collage of sorts of items, that I'd like to own, that are unmistakably nineties. I tried to venture outside of my usual comfort zone as I was looking for items. I typically stick to blacks and neutrals, so you can only imagine how much I struggle when investing in any sort of boldly colored dress, slacks, or shoes.

Okay, so maybe I did not go too far outside of my comfort zone. Still, I channeled my Jawbreaker, Clarissa Explains it All, and Babysitter's Club vibes to the best of my ability. As you can see, all items (excluding the tattoo choker, I believe you can find one on Etsy) can be found at Topshop. Who knows? Maybe I'll search for these items the next time I drag myself and my poor wallet into this danger zone of a store. We will have to see in my next haul video. Until then, enjoy the holiday festivities!

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