Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Hello, hello. I finally have the day off and instead of taking in the sun and fresh winter air, I decided to stay inside with a warm blanket and my companion laptop. My feet are tired but my thirst for internet knowledge is real. I spent the better half of my morning time on my usual sites, checking to see the latest in all things fashion and whatever else I had missed in the pop culture news this past week. Those who religiously follow fashion just as I do probably already know that pre-fall 2014 looks are being revealed on the daily.

I am absolutely in love with the House of Holland's pre-fall 2014 collection. The colors, textures, and patterns are enough to make me reconsider the direction of my current wardrobe. Mulberry's fall 2014 sneak preview is another favorite. The boxy silhouettes and tailored jackets give a fresh look to the current menswear trend. The Band of Outsiders pre-fall 2014 collection also had me awkwardly bouncing about in my bed. I am super jazzed that tartan is still finding its way into designer's collections. Band of Outsiders (tried to go with BOO to keep things short and sweet - failed) blends prep and punk perfectly and I feel like my pseudo-1970s-school-girl trend can live on. (Look number 9 kills me.) Thank god for that, am I right? Something about this fall screams early 2000s (perhaps it is the color palette and the return of the wild west thanks to Chanel). We can only hope "Don't Tell Me" by Madonna returns to the airwaves and maybe, just maybe, we will even hear a bit of "SeƱorita" by JT (not western but whatever). The possibilities of feeling like it is fifth grade again are endless.

Rewinding time a bit and thinking about warm weather and college graduation, I wanted to bring up the excitement that is the new Marc by Marc Jacobs spring campaign. No joke, I saw an article on Fashionista about the launch of the campaign and was instantly inspired to post about it.

(Source: Fashionista

The satin. The shine. The promise of a millennium. I am in love. 

(Source: Fashionista

The blue eye makeup. Those looks that say "So what? Who cares? It's just fashion." Once again, I want to be a Marc Jacobs girl and while my wallet cries out in protest, I may need to find a way to get my hands on a piece of this spring collection. (Or, you know, find a way to emulate it.)

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