Friday, December 6, 2013


Before I start talking about the newest fashion trend, I want to give a shout out to those dealing with this insufferable winter cold. It is -3 degrees Fahrenheit and not even my warmest of winter goodies can keep me warm. Truly a tragedy. Honestly, I wonder what kept me in Minneapolis in the first place because the weather could not have possibly been it. I have on my American Apparel infinity scarf, my camel Carhartt hat, the infamous Anthropologie faux fur coat, a Banana Republic wool sweater, and some warm hiking boots I snagged from my local Goodwill. I would take an OOTD but my face is disgustingly dry and red and my eyes demand more sleep. Needless to say, I look a mess this morning. Goddamn you, Minnesota.

Looking forward to Spring and getting out of this Freeze Miser hell, I woke up this morning and caught a trend report on Fashionista about the latest SS14 trend: orchid. Whispers in the fashion wind (a thing, I guess) spoke of such a trend and as for how exactly such a color would look, I did not know. Drum roll please...

Bam and boom goes the dynamite (ah, yes, my humor never left 2005). Here is Pantone's color of the year, a color a plebeian such as myself would have called lilac.

Fashionista did an excellent little Polyvore-esque photo displaying how exactly the color looks on clothing and makeup. Honestly? I am hardly one for color, especially in shades of purple or pink. My life tends to lean towards black or darker shades of clothing. In fact, I am actually selling a sweater in this exact color. 

Okay, I might even want to try a little of this shade on my eyelids. The color reminds me of a spaghetti strap tank I had in second grade (back when I lived in a world of vibrancy as opposed to a world of cynical darkness). The tank top had a bit of that Millennium sheen and there was a 99% chance the top was better suited for a prom dance floor.

If I happen upon this color in Sephora or MAC, I will update you all on my experience. Knowing my complexion, this could fail horribly (so about being a cynic...). I might even be daring enough to try the shade on my lips. Who knows?

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